Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ode to the Facebook Status Update

Megan hankering longitude
Megan is rating wildflowers
Megan is ranking witchdoctors
Megan is a haiku carjacking
Megan is mewling and hollering

Megan is woven of momentous gossamer
Megan wishes she had a miniature hatchet
Megan misses curling up on the midnight acrylic of her old Ford Granada and dreaming of occidental elves
Megan is a chilly timer
Megan is a brass battlefield
Megan is striking matches

Megan is doing the raindance with maracas
Megan is a looking at a cumulus of mercy
Megan is sitting a satellite vigil

Megan is made of sticky mechanics
Megan is standing on slick tectonics
Megan is a member of the Boredom Committee
Megan is riding the last train of winter