Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo Album

Before my entire memory of the world is washed away in a tidal wave of maternal hormones--at least temporarily--here are some of the places I've been in the last two years.

Two weeks with my friend C. in Valparaiso, Santiago, and C.'s family's country house somewhere in the middle. Above are images of the view from Pablo Neruda's backyard, and the refurbished presidential palace (La Moneda) in Santiago.

J. Family vacation. A week in June 2008 and a week in June 2009. A certain microscopic hanger-on returned with us from the 2009 trip, though we didn't realize it until a few weeks later. The goofy green wheelbarrower in the foreground is my nephew G.


Three weeks in San Miguel de Allende and a week in Bucerias, visiting friends R. & J. One of the most beautiful and intense trips I've experienced. Beach trips to Mexico are ridiculous waste of time--the cities are where it's at. I hope to return to SMA and Guanajuato sooner than later.

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